Who Was Your Favourite Teacher?

September 17, 2018

I have two-  Miss Kenny for French and Miss Walter for English. Needless to say, my English is a great deal better today than my French. However, they both inspired me to learn and had a great impact on my high school days. I know we can all relate back to our favourite teacher and how they brought the best out in us and how usually we all did well in those classes. Whether they were great educators or whether it was their inspiring ways or whether they just made you feel comfortable in a world where others didn’t – you remember them.

No matter if it was five years ago or twenty-five years ago they will always be part of the fond memories of High School. Often these teachers change you or steer you on a path that helps you choose your future studies – their impact can be enormous.

So how does this relate to finding your next career move? When making decisions about your career- choose the leader or leading influence that has left the best impression with you.

Often when recruiting graduates across different sectors we have many lead up events and opportunities to meet with the future grads in different University faculties. At times they are bewildered with all the company representatives they meet as they try to determine which is the best company to work for. My advice to candidates is always the same- “Go with who inspires you! Who have you met that you want to work for? Who have you met that you think will bring out the best in you? Follow that path until there is a sensible reason not to follow it anymore.”

Seizing an opportunity with one of the “big brand” companies may be exactly what you want – but if you are not inspired then maybe that inspirational leader you met in a smaller brand company is really better for you. Think of it like that favourite teacher. If you go to work every day and surround yourself with people who lift you, motivate you and bring the best out in you – you will be better for it. It’s not a long to bow to stretch when you consider that working for a boss who actually inspires you, will probably bring the best out in you and help to advance your career in amazing ways.