Our HR Team is focused on ensuring our clients are aware of their legal obligations and to put in place processes to mitigate risks. We see this as a fundamental building block from which we can then partner with our clients to provide strategic support and advice to assist in the continued growth and performance of the business.

Often we find our team dealing with the crisis that can occur when you are dealing with staff. This is a position that we are comfortable in and offers great relief for our clients. In addition, we offer a range of human resource services:

oht-icon Maintaining legal compliance

The HR Health Check is an audit across the Human Resources practises of the business.  We will provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive report on the HR functions of your business. The objective is to be able to identify potential risks to the business as well as looking at opportunities centred around productivity and performance. Doing the audit enables us to provide broad answers and solutions by having more of an insight into the current practises. 

We ensure that we highlight potential legal liability for Directors and Managers relative to the HR function and current legislation.

oht-icon Supporting Managers
We recognise that in the general course of managing people, there are some issues that come up that you simply need someone to support you through and we will be there.

oht-icon HR Consulting
We will audit your HR documentation and processes, position descriptions and other key processes.

We can also provide recommendations in relation to recruitment practices, reward and recognition components, KPI’s and training.

oht-icon Performance Management
We can support the performance review process, develop performance feedback and systems and tailor performance review processes to your business needs.

We can also conduct training for managers.

oht-icon Policies and procedures
We can Develop tailored workplace policies and procedures and Implement communication methods to inform the workplace of policies and procedures.

oht-icon Recruitment
As part of our service we will assist in managing the recruitment process from writing advertisements to shortlisting candidates. This will also include identification of an appropriate on-boarding programs.

oht-icon Termination & Conciliation
Terminating an employee’s services can be difficult and we will guide you through this process to ensure it is managed in the best possible way ensuring the business interests are protected and that an employee can leave with dignity.

We can support you with written warning forms & termination letters, assist in the termination of employment meetings and we can also conduct exit interviews.